Week 14

week 14 is the second final week where we will be having presentations the following week to present our final store and everything we have done throughout the semester. Throughout this semester the most difficult part I found was the packaging because it had a lot of information to learn. However I did manage and I actually learned a lot like actually using the swatches which I never used to use, and knowing the difference between spot and process color. How to create a whole package with the dieline, folds etc. I also learned a lot on how to make a foil and a varnish. I think that out of all the 3 individual projects which are the post card, brand manual and package, I learned and enjoyed the most doing the package. For my collateral I created a menu for our restaurant which was fun to do since I love food. The only issue I faced was understanding the layers and swatches set up but after the group critique we had in class I learned a lot and had some things to fix which was really beneficial. It helped me improve a lot.


Week 13

Week 13 We did some research and there was a lot of packages to choose from online I was mainly looking at packages for food as our store is a restaurant anyway. So I found a template of a bag and printed it to make a package to hand in, in the next class. The next assignment we had to give in was a package and we had to include our logos and anything relating to the restaurant. In the whatsapp group I was asking them what they were doing or that we should make a list of the packages and collaterals we want to do and split it up I probably said it 3 times and I even said we had to choose 1 brand manual to follow from all of ours, and that we need to decide on the packages and how it needs to look but I was ignored or there was no cooperation towards anything I was saying. So then I went ahead and created my own package after looking into more templates of packages I decided to make a package that is triangle and food can be placed in it. After designing my package and printing it out group met with the professors and obviously there was an issue with the fact that the packages didn’t even look like they were from the same brand. And almost everything they mentioned about the package and how we need to decide on one brand manual I had said in the group in whatsapp which was actually pretty frustrating because I had told them anyway.

Week 12

Week 12 after we went to alsharq Leland gave us examples of dielines that we can use to print or copy for our package projects. We also met with our groups to discuss the next step we are going to take. We also told them that we had to make packages for our restaurant for the next assignment and it had to be 6 packages and collaterals and each of the graphic students had to make a package of their own. We also informed them that they had to join in the collaterals as well if they can make at least one and Leland also mentioned if they don’t them we should be the better person and do it ourselves.

Week 11

Week 11 we were introduced to the third part of this collaboration which was making a package for our restaurant. We had to have 1 individual package for each graphic designer and in total we needed 6 packages or collaterals including our own package. By the next class we had to go in our cars on a field trip to alsharq printing which is located in the industrial area. We took a tour around the place and a few employees explained some of the printers and talked about cmyk and rgb even though everything they said Law already told us in class, however I thought the trip was beneficial because it helped me better understand as we can see the printers and what they are talking about. We also had give away packages as examples to help us with our projects.

Week 10

Week 10 was the week where we had to submit our brand manual, it was very stressful and somewhat complicated. I faced some issues in finding images from the internet because the picture had to be 300dpi and some of the pictures are too small when I would resample it. I searched for pictures and found a couple to organize it in a nice way in my manual. I also learned how to apply a slug and use it. Law also showed us how to do the clipping path again since some people didn’t really get it the first time. I also searched in YouTube for a tutorial which was actually much clearer (sorry law.)

I also learned something very beneficial when putting a whole picture on a spread to copy and paste it and split it in between. This used to be annoying when I used to do that and I’d put a whole picture but when printing it seemed like a part was missing. Overall the only issues I had was printing because it was such a big file, however it turned out pretty good.

Week 9

Week 9 we met with the group in the library, but only the graphic students because when I suggested in the group in whatsapp we should go for earth tones since that relates so much more to our concept but Maha didn’t really go for those colors and we needed to decide on a logo and on the colors of the store because we needed to work on our brand manual and we barely decided on one thing. So we decided to meet but only the graphic design students showed up and we decide to choose the final colors and logo and we asked the interiors if they were okay with it. So when we finalized the basic features of the store I was able to put that information in the brand manual. I also started to add the rules of the logo.

Week 6

Week 6 our group was so behind compared to the others and we had a lot to change because we basically had to start from the beginning. So we had to decide on a new idea, new colors, and a new name. Maha was trying to convince us doing a restaurant more for kids and their parents but mostly targeting children, but I didn’t like the idea which was a whole different thing from the main idea we were supposed to do and when we talked to the professors they didn’t agree with the idea. And because she wanted to go for the kids idea we were going to include the primary colors to make it fun and for us as graphic designers we wanted to look for a name and logo to match the concept. Then we chose the name in ate which meant that we ate in that place but the professors asked the interior group to make it in8 it was a nice name and idea but it was very challenging for us to create the logo. At first we wanted to create a logo that related to the food pyramid so we experimented a lot with it but in the final outcome we removed the pyramid and left just the in8 as a final logo.