Final: Book Cover

This project is about creating a book cover, at first we had to collect 10 interesting verbs and I ended up going with the verb radiant. The first experiments we did was a disaster it was all wrong the whole idea or approach I took was completely wrong. After looking at other peoples work and getting inspired I understood what the next step was. I tried more experiments and a couple were good. My next word that was changed into a noun was Power. I used stencil to make my word “Power” and attached it to a glass bottle of water and took pictures of the bottle with the sun rays as it obtained interesting highlights. After taking nice shots I chose the book The power by Naomi Alderman and recreated the book cover. To conclude this project was very interesting and fun with full of experiments, I very much like my final result of how my book cover turned out especially the word power which I love and I never expected to create something so creative and interesting.


First Project .Final.

At first, I created an A2 poster that can be hanged everywhere to help people who are being human trafficked. However, it didn’t appeal and work because it looked more like an art piece, and it didn’t attract the viewer or let them understand the point of it. I have changed it to this paper that can be put in airplanes.

This paper is created to help people that are being trafficked and forced illegally.

I have created a safety instruction paper to be put in airplanes behind each seat. This will instruct people who are in danger and they are not able to say that they need help because they are held by the person next to them. However, this safety instruction paper would guide them on how to contact the cabin crew for help without the person next to them knowing.

The safety instruction paper layout in Qatar Airways inspired me in my project. I took pictures from the intranet, traced them and colored them using water colors. The paper I used is bristle paper, because it has thickness and to give the illusion of clarity. I scanned the papers and added text using illustrator to clarify the purpose of the paper. I illuminated the paper to make it thick, keep it safe from ripping and hard to bend.I have also added some steps with the right amount of text to it just incase the illustrations aren’t understandable to the viewer.

The front of the page it is a regular safety instruction paper, I have added a small arrow on the bottom right, so the person looking at it can flip it for the instructions needed. So, the person next to them wont suspect that it is a paper to help them escape.


For my final after getting the feedback what I needed to change in my poster was to slightly lift the sentence placement up so it would have the same amount of space between the pins. Also I had to have a white background on my logo and change it to another place because it felt like everything was in the center therefore I changed the placement of the logo and moved it to the bottom right of the page. Another main change that needed to be made was the paragraph had to be changed to a 12 size point because it was too small and needed to be put into one text box because the spacing was off. Another change was the indentation was to subtle so I had to double the indentation. After that I had a problem with my final because the place I printed it in used really bad paper so I talked to the professor about it and he said I can change it thankfully. To conclude I learned many important aspects about type and combining a type image with type as well as organizing and laying out everything on a poster. Also what had to be the biggest and smallest thing on the poster so hierarchy. I’m very happy with my final poster I think I like the way it is laid out, it looks organized and intentional.


Week 14

Based on what was said to me last class by the professor I worked on my poster which had to be put up next class in a2 tiled. The only problem I faced was printing because the printer was taking forever. But based on the ideas that the professor told me I change my poster and felt it look better than the sketches I did last class and the main difference was intention. I feel that I got the hang of indesign by now since I used it for my poster before, even though some students were complaining so the professor gave a brief tutorial on it. After that he told us for next class we had to print an a1 sized poster and print it a day before because many people were late putting it up. He was going one by one and critiquing each poster mine was almost last. When we got to mine the changes that I had to make was changing the placement of the paragraph and sentence because the paragraphs placement was too tight. Also I had to change the sizes of the text since I was working on a2 on indesign I need to change the document size to a1 so the text wouldn’t be blown up when printed. After doing those changes I printed my a1 Poster a day before so I wouldn’t have any printer delays or problems. We then got into groups and each group was assigned a color and had to write on everyone’s poster. I had a really bad headache so I asked a classmate to talk to the professor about my poster and tell me what needed to be improved.

Week 13

Starting our next project which is the final for the whole semester. The professor started by talking to us about hierarchy. We are going to make a poster with all the pervious work we did throughout the semester, so basically we would have to put our letter,word, sentence and paragraph in one big poster. He explained that the word would be the biggest since that is the focus of the whole poster next is the sentence then paragraph and the smallest thing had to be the logo which is the letters. The work we had to come in with next class was 3 sketches of how we were going to layout everything on the word poster. For me it didn’t take long I felt it was easy because my background was clean however seeing other people’s posters who had a busy background or full of color background it was quite difficult for the sentence and paragraph to show. That class we were critiqued in groups and the professor gave us ideas on where and how to place everything. We talked about lines and direction on the poster which of course was imaginary, and from those lines it helped us organize or layout everything accordingly.


During the final week it was the most stressful because we were struggling with time management. Our first struggle was getting the L shaped walls Nouf told us that the handyman was sick and he didn’t show up on Tuesday so it was put up last minute on Wednesday, nonetheless we managed and started painting the walls we used black paint on the outside and the inside was going to be white for the projector to screen. I started out by putting up the fabric to cover the top and the openings of the second room. I used pins to hammer it in the L shaped walls till we found a staple gun which made it much easier. By Saturday half of the fabric covering was finished. On Sunday the handyman came to put up a shelf after that Nouf and I tried putting up a fan but it wasn’t working because the air wasn’t going in the direction we wanted it to go. So I decided to use the pedistool which we stool from the other group. We had to return it and ask isabel for 2 pedistools I painted one black and repainted the other white since it was dirty and had marks. I then clean the floor and removed any paint staines that were made. Around 5 Nouf brought in a carpet and there was some complication so I cut up the carpet to make it fit in the L shaped wall and I removed the shelf that wasn’t working out. We put in the Pedistool and I set up the fans and put it together. Hessa and Deema wanted to spray paint the fan white but it turned out into a terrible idea because it looked really bad. Everyone worked on everything they had to and did a bit of everything, Overall it was stressful but fun the final result was fun based on everyones reaction. That is how I contributed to the project. I feel like the whole project can be considered a risk because we had an amazing idea in our heads for example like the professor says diamonds, and when we start working on it it can be the complete opposite so therefore I think that is the most risky thing we took as well as the professor said that if you chose your idea you can’t change it therefore we had to come up and think of solutions if anything went wrong or not as planned. I learned that Im much better at craft and working by hand than on the laptop. This was an enjoyable experience where I learned many things mostly where to find cheap products since we had a budget of 500. As well as how to compromise when something didn’t go as planned. Most I learned that time management is key and that organisation is a must when working on something as big as this. As a group we accomplished how to work in a group accordingly at first it went smoothly but when we started to stress it was getting a bit annoying where we had to calm down and think of what we could do to make what was going on work. The most concern we had was time management which was the initial issue from the beginning and thats what caused the stress in the end. There were other concerns in which something would go right for example when Nouf was setting up the projector it wasn’t working but then she made it work. Or when the fan wasn’t working the way we wanted it so I thought of using the pedistool. We managed to make everything work by discussing it together and asking one another for suggestions and ideas and trying till the situation was resolved. The innovations that my group did was creating the installation which is a new method of deconstructing the movie and using the red balloon to symbolise and give meaning to our idea. The whole project is a new innovation of the red balloon movie.

Week 13

This week we went shopping and everyone got what they had to get I also got projectors because hessa had some complications getting it. The L shaped walls were put in the same day when the professor wanted to see our process, it was stressful and i was panicking think it won’t be up on time. But we managed to put it together and we started painting the walls. We explained to the Professor the layout and how everything is going to work. He liked our process and was optimistic about it even though he was worried in the beginning. We continued painting and finished all the walls. Next we worked on the fabric to cover the top and opening sides of the rooms. I cut and pinned it on the L shaped walls.